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New Orleans folk fear minor cave-ins

Andrew Browne, [email protected]

New Orleans folk fear minor cave-ins

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RESIDENTS of 3rd Avenue New Orleans now fear for their safety since several people have been noticing minor cave-ins across the neighbourhood.
Yesterday, Tawonda Mayers was hanging clothes in her yard when her right leg fell through the earth, up to her hip. Mayers, the mother of a young baby, received several scratches to her leg and is shaken by the ordeal.
Mayers’ boyfriend, who declined to give his name, estimated the hole to be about 14 feet deep. He said the area around the hole felt very loose and he was afraid that it might continue to fall in.
Another resident, Julia Agard, said: “Several months ago I noticed a hole in my yard as well; that is why I am so disturbed that there are now so many instances of this happening across the neighbourhood.”
Agard also said she had been forced to place a large rock around the entrance to prevent people from venturing too close.
At the entrance to 3rd Avenue New Orleans, in Heather Goring’s yard, there is also a hole.
Member of Parliament for the City, Patrick Todd, visited the scene and reassured the residents. He said the Department of Emergency Services would compile a report and submit it to the Ministry of Transport and Works. (LK)

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