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Real Jezebel on the job

Andrew Browne, [email protected]

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THE WOMAN who believes that some workers in a certain organisation dislike her colleague, should be the last to talk about anyone.
Currently, she has someone in court for theft, and sometime back she caused one of her male comrades to go before the boss for lying.
For a long time now, some workers have regarded her as a wicked, dangerous woman, and are guarded when they talk about her.
She needs to check herself because she is involved in some unlawful acts.
Workers are sick and fed up with her behaviour.
She likes to laugh with people and always has the most unkind things to say about them.
People want to know how she got in the public service after once liming in the red light district.
A WOMAN who lives near a popular beach has become the talk of the town.
She is unashamedly dealing with four men, one of whom has been her staunch man for 16 years.
When the other three entered the picture she dumped her staunch man, but he moved back into the house last week.
But instead of staying home with her staunch man, she sleeps at one of her other men, known as “The Panty Man”, three times a week.
And, believe it or not, she still finds time to hang out with his best friend, too.
Then there is the butcher, whom she can be seen with during the day, driving his car up and down even though she has no driver’s licence.
A POPULAR YOUNG MAN, who has been playing the field with two women for a long time, has found himself fenced in now that his two-timing ways have finally been exposed.
His long-time girlfriend finally found the courage to confront him about their relationship after receiving photographs which can only be described as pornographic.
She is so ashamed that she has been telling everyone that her man was asleep when the raunchy photos were taken. Yea, right!
People are wondering why it took those photographs to finally open her eyes since she had been ignoring all of the texts and the subliminal messages on Facebook.
But no one expected her to take matters into her hands and have her rival, who is a teacher, summoned to the principal’s office.
It seems that this woman has decided to stick by her man and wants some peace and quiet from his sidekick now that a bun is in the oven.
TONGUES ARE WAGGING over the recent appointment of a certain man to head a board.
It appears that many did not see this coming, and the announcement has left them in a state of shock.
Some are saying that while this man is talented in his chosen field, he has not done enough to warrant such a huge promotion. Others are saying he does not possess the verbal skills for this important position.
But it is widely believed that a certain politico made the decision, and swayed the already divided board to make this very safe choice.
For sure, Mac Fingall may have something to sing about.
PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW why a popular personality has been fooling everyone that he has one little angel.
They want to know when he is going to admit that he has another child, whom he turned his back on.
They say it is time that he shows everyone that he is indeed the No. 1 dad by owning up to his first child.
Many are hoping that he speaks publicly on Father’s Day about this long-forgotten son in the same way that he brags about his little angel.

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