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FirstCaribbean   party on the go

Henry Anesta

FirstCaribbean   party on the go

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IT WAS ALL about mobile banking and partying in the car park of the FirstCaribbean International Bank (FCIB) Warrens headquarters, as the bank launched its mobile banking service last Saturday.
The launch, which carried the theme Banking On The Go, was open to the public, and featured a number of local calypsonians offering a mix of new and old Crop-Over songs.
The audience, including employees of the bank, wiggled, danced, clapped and jumped as they responded to the beats and lyrics of vintage and new calypsos.
Terencia TC Coward and her Hot Sun & Riddim brought the heat to the event as people moved to her energetic performance of the song which dominated last year’s Party Monarch Groovy Soca Monarch competitions.
Mikey also made the audience aware of the launch’s purpose when he told them I In Dat then gave them a piece of his new song called My Party.
It was fun to watch Queen T as she sang and showed the crowd how to Wiggle And Dip with assistance from her live props, who gave the crowd a demonstration of the accompanying dance.
Contone took the opportunity to share his Money with the crowd who graciously accepted it. The bank’s employees had something to smile about when they saw their colleague Martin Grimes perform his Party Starter soca song for the first time.
Red Plastic Bag, accompanied by master of ceremonies Mac Fingall, took the gathering down memory lane with the unforgettable Ragga Ragga. Afterwards, the king let the crowd know that Something’s Happening.
When the scores of people were not sampling the entertainment on stage or signing up for the mobile banking service, they were treated to gifts and vouchers from stiltwalkers and FirstCaribbean International Bank employees. (AH)