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Keep that window to the sea open


Keep that window to the sea open

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I WAS HAPPY to read in the Saturday Sun of June 5, in the Question Time section, a “sad visitor” demanding answers from the Chief Town Planner about the seaside construction on Enterprise Coast Road.

Mr Town Planner, not only this sad visitor is seeking answers; all Barbadians and visitors that know this area would like to know how permission was ever granted? We eagerly look forward to your answers and actions.

Some time ago I wrote suggesting that the developers of Palisades Condos should beautify the seaside by planting palm trees and so on, instead of the planned construction.

It is my opinion that this landscaping would enhance the value of the Condos, whereas any concrete structures would only devalue this attractive development.

Landscaping the area would also allow the beautiful window to the sea to remain open and be enjoyed by all who travel along this road, and the many that fish from the cliff.I am happy to say that some planting has taken place but insultingly to us all, the Beach Club is now enclosed by a high unsightly wall – and would you believe, a chain link fence.

This is to keep out all visitors from this area, as the Club is to be used exclusively by the tenants of the Palisades Condos. Amazingly, approval was also granted to construct a two-storey town house on the eastern side of the Beach Club.

This building has not yet started but I hate the thought of these concrete structures replacing what was once a beautiful window to the sea.  Mr Chief Town Planner, Mr Minister, on behalf of all Barbadians we are asking you to reopen this window to the sea and do not allow more of our coastline to be littered with concrete.