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Thompson wins fitness crown


Thompson wins fitness crown

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by DAVID ASHBYLYNETTE THOMPSON was back with a bang on Sunday night at the Plantation Garden Theatre.Thompson once again left the stage wearing the crown after good performances in all categories of the Powerade Island Fitness Competition.In the first category – fitness routine – the 2007 winner was the second competitor who really got the audience’s attention after the performance of Christina Atherley. Thompson’s routine began with a bit of drama, as she came on stage limping and bent over due to the weight of a humpback and with a cloak draped over her shoulders. As she got to the centre of the stage she discarded the cloak and jumped straight into an entertaining routine that showed off her flexibility and dance skills.In the bikini round, Thompson was clearly way ahead. Standing 5 feet, 3 inches and weighing about 125 pounds, the petite competitor was in top shape with lean, toned muscle. In this pageant, competitors are marked down for appearing overly muscular and defined, and must maintain a level of femininity in order to differentiate it from women’s bodybuilding.Thompson was able to achieve the kind of fitness level, along with outstanding abdominals without going overboard in the muscularity department.Second-placed Atherley continues to improve every time she competes. It was her fourth time competing, and it was clear the 28-year-old came ready for a challenge and was looking to leave with the crown on her head. Her routines are always entertaining, but this one packed a bit more punch than previous ones. It was smooth, with plenty of energy and she executed kicks and flips which showed off her amazing flexibility. This would have been where she scored very high, maybe even highest.Atherley doesn’t possess the kind of definition which Thompson has, however Atherley, who is 5 foot, 6 inches and weighs 145 pounds, has come a long way from her first competition.She has been able to get her body in top shape to place second out of 12, and against those with better genetics. In the question and answer segment, she was at ease and connected with the audience while giving her answer.Kerri Gibson was not at her best in the bikini round, but she gave a strong performance in the fitness routine which helped her to take third place. It was fast-paced and energetic and she displayed the necessary flexibility and strength moves that went well with the audience. However, in the bikini round, she was not as toned as in past performances and in the question and answer segment she was not as smooth as she could have been.The top three are now eligible to compete in next year’s Ms Fitness World in the United States.