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Al-Falah producing top students


Al-Falah producing top students

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Ibrahim Bhana, principal of Al-Falah Primary and Secondary School, has two reasons to smile today. Not only has this private Muslim school produced one of the top scorers in mathematics in this year’s Barbados Secondary Schools Entrance Examination, commonly known as the Common Entrance,  but that student is  his daughter.“I’m very excited for the school and for my daughter. The hard work has paid off,” Bhana said. His daughter, ten-year-old Hassanah Bhana who scored 98 per cent in mathematics, 87 per cent in English and an ‘A’ in the composition has been allocated a place at Harrison College but will be returning to the Passage Road, St Michael school to continue her secondary education.Hassanah said she was “a bit nervous” when she did the Common Entrance but she was now pleased with her results.Al-Falah’s second top student was 11-year-old Aasemah Bhana who scored 92 per cent in mathematics and 88 per cent in English with an  ‘A’ in composition. She too passed for Harrison College but  will also be returning  to Al-Falah.Of the 17 pupils who took the exam, three were allocated to Harrison College while one was offered a place at the  St Michael School.   (NB)