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Twins going to QC


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Despite some challenges with his health, little Taurel Leacock’s determination and hard work have earned him a place at Queen’s College along with his twin sister Teal Leacock.Taurel had some challenges from birth, being born pre-term and having to be kept in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for a while after he was born weighing just  over two pounds. He also has scoliosis, which is a condition that causes a curve in the spine, and suffers from a neuro-muscular disorder, as well as asthma,  and is slated to have  an operation to remove  an umbilical hernia  next month. The twins’ mother Andrea Maynard, also a teacher at the Eden Lodge Primary, where they are students, was overjoyed by her children’s exam results.  She said Taurel had health issues and he was in and out of hospital when he was younger. “Taurel had a deficit at first, while sister Teal excelled. She was better and quicker while  Taurel struggled, but they eventually equalled out,” she said. Taurel scored 89 in both Mathematics and English, with a “B” in the Composition, while  sister Teal scored 94  in Mathematics and 87  in English and also earned  a “B” in Composition.Their preparation went well, according to Maynard. “Teal is good at Grammar while Taurel is good at Mathematics so they usually helped each other. I provided the resources they provided the encouragement.”  She said the two students maintained a very busy schedule. Taurel is into athletics, plays cricket  and basketball and is a member of the Boy Scouts, while Teal plays basketball and is  in Brownies.Despite his health issues, Taurel never let his sickness deter him from working hard and being helpful. Teachers described him as a very helpful child who would do anythng that he was asked to do. (LK)