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DEAR CHRISTINE – Still waiting for him to call

Andrew Browne, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,
RECENTLY A FRIEND OF MINE introduced me to her brother who had just returned from overseas. He said he was divorced and lonely and asked me out.
I am also on my own, so I said yes, and we had a very nice evening together.
After that first date I asked him around for dinner. It was another nice evening which was spoiled by him trying to be intimate after the meal.
I was not ready to carry things so far so quickly. He left and promised to call, and he hasn’t. I am upset. What do you think went wrong?
– D.
Dear D,
I GUESS THIS MAN was hoping for something more than a good meal and a pleasant evening’s conversation, and it seems he wasn’t prepared to wait and see how things developed.
The important thing is not to let them knock your confidence. Better to let him go now with things not costing you too much emotionally than if you had responded readily to his desires.