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SWIMMING UPSTREAM – Politicians must be accountable

Kammie Holder

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POLITICIANS, prime ministers, representation and accountability were the topics of much discussion among my peers recently, therefore I will take the road less travelled.
Politicians and those mandated to take charge of the affairs of Barbados must be held accountable for decisions they make or fail to make. Still, I’ll admit that the life of a politician is a hard, stressful and very lonely one, once he or she exits politics.
Even more taxing is the life of a prime minister who delegates various duties to ministries only to be disappointed in the performance of the ministers as managers. Thus, Prime Minister David Thompson, like all other prime ministers is always under tremendous pressure to keep ministers in line.
But you must remember, Mr Prime Minister, taking care of your health is of paramount importance as well as eliminating any stressful situations. Your family and the country need your talent. Mr Prime Minister, the best decisions are sometimes unpopular but you do know that you have my support, along with many other rational and non partisan Barbadians interested in nation building.
The responsibility of elected politicians has to be more than providing a streetlight or paving a road. Acting in the country’s best interest has to rank above narrow party loyalty. Too often opposition politicians know how to solve all a country’s problems. However, on gaining the Government, the ability to be logical and right-thinking seem to elude them. The manifesto as a social contract is relegated to file No.13. I wish to advise every politician to see different views as objective feedback rather than criticism, and use it for introspection.
Accountability must be demanded of all persons entrusted with the welfare of Barbados. We must demand accountability! No Government minister be he/she Barbados Labour Party or Democratic Labour Party, must never for once think he or she is above ridicule. Barbadians, as part of their social responsibility to the country, must be encouraged to speak their minds without fear.
I encourage every Barbadian to remind every politician about representation and accountability, as Humble and Grumble can only lead to a frustrated country.
Finally, I will never allow anyone to rent or lease my ability to think rational or ethical!
Next week I will touch on the folly of the BTA and the ownership of the website
* Kammie Holder, the boy from the village who is interested in nation building as a member of civil society, appreciates freedom of speech in Barbados.