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Mum vows to serve God after son’s suicide

Andrew Browne, [email protected]

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MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica – A weeping mother has vowed to serve God and never travel abroad for economic reasons after her son committed suicide on Thursday.
Marcia Reid of Flankers, Montego Bay, cried uncontrollably after her 14-year-old son, Norris Smith, hanged himself on an ackee tree.
The suicide was allegedly in protest of his mother’s plan to work in the United States.
Reid, a single mother of five, said that she had been working as a security guard on the night shift for 11 years and had become tired of struggling to make ends meet.
“I told them I was going to leave them with someone, but would leave Norris with his father,” a distraught Reid said.
The mother said she had worked on Wednesday night and on her return home, she reminded Norris he would have to stay with his father as she was planning to leave sometime next week.
“Him just run off and the next time mi see him was when him hang himself. Oh God! Mi nuh deserve this. You want mi fi serve You and mi a go repent. Mi coming to You, God,” she lamented. (Gleaner)