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Queens of the stage

Andrew Browne, [email protected]

Queens of the stage

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STAGE VERSUS SCREEN. That has always been the battle in the performing world since the dawn of film.
Is it better to watch a performance on the screen where you can record and re-watch every detail? Or is it better to see it on the stage and enjoy the performance live?
This question was definitively answered at the first round of the third annual Island Queen contest last Sunday at the Boatyard; stage won!
Though the event’s precursor web series, Island Queen tv, captivated; the 18 bikini-clad contestants are better seen live, on stage in the flesh.
No offense to tv buffs but you had to be there to truly experience and appreciate the strut and confidence of the contestants, and the sexy antics they used to get the partisan crowd on their side.
Local talent abounded. There were the sexy and imaginative swimsuits from designer Cassandra Mottley’s Shelniel line, which the contestants wore for two separate rounds.
The first round was structured, where all the contestants wore white swimsuits in a variety of styles, with the onus being on them to make themselves stand out through their personality and vibe.
The second round, which was dedicated to personal style, was much more colourful, as the contestants were allowed to pick whatever Shelniel swimsuit they thought best suited them.
The ladies were weighed up by judges including singer Philip 7, stylist Candi Nichols, radio personality DJ Tami, video producer Rivelino Simmons, and Evans Husbands of Broad Street Men’s & Women’s.
For the first time ever, Island Queen had three hosts – accurately reflecting the event’s audience ratio of two women to every one man. Strategy lead singer Kirk Brown co-hosted along with Nicki B and Karma Nai.
After the contest, came the equally hot party, with popular young DJs Ras and Chasey, NRG Sounds and Puffy and Cyclone keeping the vibe going.
The 10 finalists will be announced tomorrow at the showcase round. (AL-F)