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YWCA marks 60th year

Andrew Browne, [email protected]

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THE 60th ANNIVERSARY of the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of Barbados comes at a time of renewed focus on volunteerism around the globe, and this development is starting to gain root in Barbados where the success of this organization rests heavily on the backs of volunteers past and present.
This was underscored by president of the YWCA Marilyn Rice-Bowen who adds that the 60th anniversary of the organisation, which is being celebrated this year, is a significant milestone.
“The YWCA has done so much over the past 60 years and this is an achievement that is worth celebrating with those who have worked with us to ensure that our many programmes positively impact on people in need,” said Rice Bowen.
She added that while the membership of the organisation was gender specific, its programmes were for the good of all Barbadians. She said the successes and good fortunes of the organisation had been earned through the work of dedicated and committed volunteers, and the support of sponsors and partners from corporate Barbados, civil society, international organizations and the diplomatic corps.
“While our work has been more in focus in recent times, the YWCA has been contributing to Barbados’ development agenda since its inception.
“We have always had training programmes for women, some of whom have gone on to be gainfully employed and others have become self employed as a result for our rich and rewarding skills training programmes,” said the YWCA president.
She added that in recent times the organization had seen the success of its breakfast programme which started off feeding 35 school-age children.
“The YWCA’s success with this programme must also be shared with our partners across the country. We really could not have done it without them.
“The start was humble but in collaboration with our partners the programme now provides breakfast for 850 children daily. It is an achievement about which we can feel justly proud,” Rice-Bowen added.
She stressed that the anniversary celebrations woud provide the opportunity for the YWCA to share its achievements with the public while at the same time give due recognition to its supporters, sponsors and partners who have played an integral role in the success of the organisations many social and development projects. (PR)