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HEALING HERBS – Natural remedy for impotence

Annette Maynard Watson

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I am joyful. “In my Father’s house there are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you” appeals to us because collectively we know we have to revert to nature and her remedies.
The “place” has already been prepared to assist with impotence. Would our Creator create males to add unique vibrant sparks to life and leave them to battle with impotence alone? Oh no! Through this article I can also assist you.
Additionally, because men are “holy gems” in the cosmic creation our Barbadian “silent doctors” once used correctly will absolutely heal.
As I provide these recipes to assist with impotence, I want men to always revere their prized sexual organ. It is royal and deserves to be healed because it is a precious divine gift from our Creator. Therefore, when a space is created for perfection, nothing beats healing impotence than loving relationships between males and females. We must assist one another.
Remedies for impotence using Barbadian “silent doctors”.
* The No. 1 sex enhancer/aphrodisiac is very good, radiant health.
* Ken, the keep-fit specialist, steeps celery, parsley, onion and garlic.
* Gully root soaked in white rum for a few months, add one teaspoon to linseed/flaxseeds porridge every morning.
* Fingrigo (Barbadians pronounce it “finger-grower”), hug-me-close, nettle and lignum vitae are steeped separately using one dried teaspoon of the “silent doctor” to one teacup full of hot water. Steep for five minutes and use as desired unsweetened.
* Passions fruits: scoop the seeds out and consume raw with sliced watermelon, pomegranate and celery.
* Linseeds/flaxseeds simmered with bay leaves for five minutes and sprinkled with clove. Optional: add a teaspoon of gully root liquid to this mixture.
* one cup of coconut water/almond milk blended with golden flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds and dates.
* soup: three cups of water, three bay leaves, one teaspoon cayenne pepper, one tablespoon tumeric, garlic, parsley, celery, pumpkin, okras and ginger.
* a pinch of cayenne pepper to a glass of water or sprinkle it on all of your soups or other foods.
Impotence can lead to unhappiness and depression but the Creator heals. Remember, the Crucifixion and the power of forgiveness.
Men who have genuinely misused and mistreated their sexual organ should repeat daily: “I am extremely sorry for mistreating you and I will focus on rejuvenating and caring you.”
If you normally treat yours well, congratulations! Repeat, “I am happy and will continue to care you.”
Fellows, try these to experience magical release; herbs and forgiveness will heal impotence.