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Lifestyle fair at Turtle Beach

Andrew Browne, [email protected]

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EMPLOYEES of the Turtle Beach Resort were treated to a health and lifestyle fair last week.
Security supervisor Philip Straughn, who organised the event, said the fair was prompted by his concerns about the health of Barbadians.
The hotel’s 150-plus staff members had the opportunity to receive cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure testing.
Also, personnel from the Randal Phillips Polyclinic and Barbados Diabetes Association were on hand to give advice, while the Pine Hill Dairy offered product sampling.
According to Straughn, there was a “great response” to the testing services, and when a DAILY NATION team visited the Dover, Christ Church hotel, he said the majority of the hotel’s employees had passed through.
Straughn added that the health practices of workers had improved since the event was first held in 2008.
“I definitely see an improvement. More staff want to go to the gym, and they are requesting a balanced diet,” he said.
Meanwhile, general manager Charles Maynard said the fair made staff aware of possible health and lifestyle problems.
“If they know what’s happening they can address it. A lot of the time we have these pains [but] we don’t know what’s going on. Well, this is an educational opportunity to get an idea of what may be happening,” Maynard said.
“Our staff is very important to us, very valuable, so it’s not only about getting the work done but making sure their minds are healthy and their bodies are as well,” the general manager added. (NB)