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MP hints at new airline

Andrew Browne, [email protected]

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BARBADOS MAY SOON have a new regularly scheduled airline service out of Texas.
Although Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy declined to identify the airline or the Texas city from which it would fly, he indicated the service would start this year.
“Before the end of the year, all things being equal, we should have something to report on,” was the way he put it. “As a matter of fact, we should have something to report on shortly but the service should start before the end of the year, going into the winter.”
Sealy, the Barbados Tourism Authority and others involved in negotiations with the airline are hoping the service, if successful, would open up new United States travel markets for Barbados.
“If it works it can open up the southwest and the west coast and so on (to Barbados),” he said. “Texas is the third most populous state in the union and is oil-rich and there is the profile of the individual who we will be looking for, a different type of vacation, a Barbados vacation. We are really hoping we can nail that down and it would sustain the tremendous work the (Barbados Tourism Authority’s) team was doing in the United States.
“It’s about carefully getting the right airlift” to Barbados, Sealy insisted.
With the new scheduled service from Brazil due to start soon, the minister said Barbados would have an expanded market reach into one of the world’s largest economies and would allow the destination to reach deep into South America, including Argentina. (TB)