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Pastor says prayer for PM

Andrew Browne, [email protected]

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THE MESSIAH Wesleyan Holiness Worship Centrein St John said a prayer yesterday for ailing Prime Minister and constituency representative David Thompson.
Before a congregation that included St John parish ambassadors Dario Lovell and Jelisa Maughan, senior pastor Reverend Paul Watson prayed for healing power to flow over the body of Prime Minister Thompson.
Thompson, 48, has been away from official duty for several weeks, scaling down his heavy workload.
Since early March, this country’s sixth Prime Minister has been suffering with stomach pain and has undergone tests both here and at New York Prebysterian Hospital, said to be one of the top hospitals in the world.
Watson spent most of his lengthy sermon celebrating the golden heritage of St John, highlighting in a power-point presentation the things of interest and beauty in the eastern parish.
He also spoke about the importance of spiritual blessing and upliftment, reminding the congregation that a man would be judged on that rather the size of his bank account or the acres of land he owns.
“I have never seen a boundary line or a plot of land in a coffin. All I see is a man stripped to the bone. We can’t take our worldly presentations with us,” he said.
Chairman of the St John Parish Independence Committee, Adolphus Hurdle, said he was pleased to see the parish showcasing youth, such as Lovell and Maughan, both of whom were introduced to the congregation.
Lovell, an 18-year-old shop assistant, is from Lemon Arbor, while Maughan, 19, a university student, lives in Colleton Gardens. (MK)