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In need of a cooking job

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,
How are you doing? I hope you are fine.
Christine, I am looking for a job working six days a week as a cook or assistant cook. It can be either in the St Michael or Christ Church areas.
Christine, I have been home for seven months without a job and have been trying all along.
The next school year is going to be upon us soon and I really need a job.
It can be at a restaurant, deli, canteen and so on. 
I am looking forward to hearing from you with some good news.
– JOB SEEKERDear Job seeker,
I hope that by publishing your letter you will get some positive responses to your appeal.
You have identified your preferences, so I hope it would not be long before you get the good news you are hoping for.
Any responses will be passed on to you.
– Christine