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“OH LORD, look how they killed my son just so!” wailed Phyllis Stoute.The grieving mother  was viewing her son’s body yesterday at Phillips Land, Lightfoot Lane,  St Michael.Kevin Stoute,  a 15-year-old fourth former of St George Secondary School, died  on the spot after he was reportedly struck with  a stone during a dispute over a gambling game.Residents said the tragedy plunged the district into mourning after the incident occurred about 4:20 p.m.Reports indicated that police were last night questioning another secondary school student in connection with  Stoute’s death.Breaking down in tears, the deceased’s mother  said she had no idea her son was fatally injured after she was told  that “someone licked  down Kevin”.“I first thought he  had gone for my two grandchildren when he got home from school.“But I can’t believe my son’s life gone foolishly so,” she sighed.Father Ralph Stoute was at a loss for words and held on to his two other children, Natasha  and Renaldo, as he attempted to support them through the  grief-stricken moment.One resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he checked “Kevin’s pulse”  as he lay motionlessly  on the ground in his school uniform.“I just couldn’t believe he was dead,” he said.Other reports indicated that a dollar was at the centre of the dispute  which led to the young student’s death.Some residents also fumed about the time  the ambulance took  to respond to the call. They felt Stoute’s death could have been avoided  had the ambulance  arrived earlier. (TS)