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Teen in need of blood


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BARBADOS, CANNIJJIA JARVIS needs your help.The 14-year-old, a patient at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), is in urgent need of blood.Cannijjia has acute leukaemia, and his treatment requires extra blood platelets urgently or he will not survive. Six donations are needed each day for 18 days. Prospective donors may call the Blood Collection Centre at 429-4307 or via the QEH, 436-6450, extension 6214, if you can spare blood for Cannijjia. Please give them your name and contact data so they can call you back.The centre will tell you which day they need your blood. You can adjust the day if necessary when arranging it. The reason for this is that blood platelets cannot be refrigerated and last  only a few days. The Blood Collection Centre will liaise with  you to choose the best  day to donate. Try to keep that date.Cannijjia’s life depends on it. (SP)