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School meals worker attacked by monkey


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Coral Cummins had the fright of her life yesterday and swears she will never forget it!It was just seconds after emerging through a hole in a fence behind  St Mary’s School that she was attacked from the rear by an assailant.But it wasn’t a man wielding any  gun or knife, but a giant monkey.An obviously shaken Cummins,  a school meals worker at the nearby Westbury Primary School, said she  was on her way to work when the incident occurred.“I had just come through the hole in the fence, when all of a sudden this thing grabbed my pants leg and started pulling me. I started to scream because I thought it was a man, but when I looked around it was the biggest monkey I ever saw in my life. I was never so scared yet,” she recalled.The school meals worker, looking  at the gaping hole in the leg of her ripped pants, said she started hitting  the monkey with the bag but it  wouldn’t let go.Still in a state of shock, she recalled, “When I realised it was a monkey,  I was so scared. I’ve always heard about mischievous monkeys before, but I never experienced nothing like this and it was so huge. It was only when Cummins started  a mad, frantic kicking that the monkey retreated, and disappeared up the tree.Overcome by fear, and yelling and screaming, she ran from St Mary’s all the way to Westbury, before collapsing  in the lunch room.“I can’t begin to tell you how scared  I was. When I fainted, the janitor Ms Wilkie revived me with some Alcolado and gave me something to drink. When she asked me what I happened I couldn’t even speak, I was so traumatised,”  she said.What has the Kensington Lodge, Passage Road resident even more scared is the fact that the spot where the incident occurred is very close to the  St Mary’s School. (CT)