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House shifts and floor collapses

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House shifts and floor collapses

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Beverley Lopez and her family are now assessing their living arrangements after their house at Johnson Road, Boscobel, St Peter, slid off the props as the floor collapsed.Last night at approximately 9:30 p.m., the Lopez family were relaxing when they heard a noise coming from the rear of the house. “The thing was so scary. I heard a loud noise and I went to the back, then I heard a louder noise as the floor collapsed, so I had to shout to the children to get out of the house quickly,” Lopez related.She recalled that as the family tried to vacate the house, Lopez’s six-year-old grandson was trapped between the bed and the partition for several minutes. However, he sustained no injuries.The uninsured house, which was built about 14 years ago, was occupied by Lopez, her son, two daughters and her grandson. Lopez said that when there was the earth tremor the water main burst and there was a lot of water in the area and under the house for a few weeks. Now, every time it rains, the water settles under the house.  Lopez believes that the recent rains have undermined the props on which the house was built.The house has shifted to the left and the occupants are afraid to go back in to remove personal items. “We are still hearing the noises, and the house shifted some more last night, so I am too scared to go back in,” Lopez said.The family had to seek accommodation at a neighbour, but there is uncertainty as to how long that arrangement will last as the person’s house is heavily occupied.The shifting of the house has caused the electricity wires to be stretched. Lopez said that when she contacted the Barbados Light & Power Company, she was informed that there was no risk to the property, and assured that should the house shift any more the company would look into the matter. Lopez is now pondering her next move as she seeks accommodation for herself and her family.  “I would like some assistance. I spoke to personnel from the National Housing Corporation and the Welfare Department, who said they would make an effort to visit as soon as possible,” said a despondent Lopez. (LK)

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