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Wadadah plans to reach out

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Wadadah plans to reach out

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MORE THAN JUST PARTYING!At 20 years old, the Wadadah Club plans to continue to show its mature side by partnering with several more community organisations to have “a meaningful impact” this Crop-Over season.Greg Belgrave, public relations officer of the club, told the WEEKEND NATION Wednesday night at their 2010 Crop-Over launch at the Mount Gay Visitors’ Centre on the Spring Garden Highway that “this year the Wadadah Club is actually taking the time to reflect . . .”.“What we have done on numerous occasions is assist with senior homes, schools and other different things, including providing groceries for low-income families in the community. We want to do more to make a difference, and this year is no different. We want to see how much we can give back, from how much we make out of the season, to the community. We believe these things have a longer lifespan than any fete or party,” he said.Under the theme One Love, the Wadadah Club has formed two committees this season – one focusing on their 20th anniversary agenda for the community, and the other looking after the entertainment plans.“These committees are charged with the responsibility of coming up with initiatives to actually push the club forward – one involving the community while the entertainment committee would push the Crop-Over season and other party-focused events,” Belgrave explained.Having established a presence in Crop-Over since 1990 with mid-week $2 Crop-Over fetes in Bank Hall, and which became more popular when taken to De Paling on Tweedside Road, the club will return to its old stomping grounds with its Nostalgia and Home Again fetes while maintaining their All-Day Stall in Bank Hall, as part of this year’s calendar. The Wadadah Club also plans to take some time this season to remember their fallen comrade, David Hunte, who passed away last year, while also giving thanks and reflection on their successes and achievements over the past two decades with an upcoming church service. (TM)

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