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MAVIS BECKLES: Football got ya hooked

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Well boy, the football got muh chipping.All like now I here trying tuh get this column write fuh this week and the thing is, I aint even plan tuh write bout nuh football. But I cahn seem tuh get the column write anyway, cause one o’ my sisters out there in front the TV doing the dog; and evah minute I got tuh be bound-ing up tuh see if my boys get in another goal.Oh Lord, well Greece just get in another goal and my boys hurt; but duh playing real, real good, and look just as good.Talk bout looking good, but there’s a thing nuh? One time ya used tuh think dat because men had tuh be running all over a football field fuh a whole 90 minutes or more, depending on stoppage time, dat they should be slim and light pon duh feet; huh! Not these footballers nowadays. The men big, tough and could run just as fast as or faster than the younger, slimmer ones. And wait; wunna see the calves pon some o’ dem men? Wha’ loss, duh huge.Well, suh dey now, my boys get beat but I still got hope, I aint giving up ’til the end. I gine down tuh the wire wid my African fellas and it is only if all o’ dem get lick out dat I gine be hailing fuh my next best choice, Argentina. I did love Argentina fuh years, and now dat Maradonna is the coach I know dat dem fellas gine now play some good football. They show us just dat yesterday when duh brek-up Korea.You see this football thing doh? I wonder if ya’all have been noticing the traffic or lack of traffic pon the roads when the mornings come.Look, roads dat used tuh be chok-a-block wid bumper tuh bumper traffic ‘pon a morning now clear, and traffic running as smooth as evah.The police aint got nuh kinda problems wid the traffic at all ’cause evahbody like duh stan’ning home or finding duhselves somewhere early o’clock tuh watch dah first morning game.One o’ the things I believe is dat the people who got television sets in duh offices like the banks and dem places so, does wake up and get outta the house quick tuh get into duh workplace extra early so they could see some o’ the first match before the doors open fuh business.You think I mekking sport? The roads does be clear as evah. If you doubt me, check it out next week and tell me if I wrong. Look, evahbody got the fever; and leh muh tell ya something, Bajans, even the youngest especially the boys, know the big names in football today.Sometimes when I hear my li’l nine-year-old nephew talking and rattling off the names, I does swear dat he know these men real good or dat he and them is some kinda big friends. The li’l boy does be telling you where the men come from, which team duh does play for, and calling the people names good good and wid the correct pronunciation too.Ya’all hear dem vuvuzelas? Duh does sound like millions and millions o’ bees; a continuous loud buzzing. I read in the papers and hear some people talking bout how loud and distracting dem is; somebody even write ‘bout it running the fans. Well, I would have tuh be blind or something would definitely have tuh be wrong wid my eyes ’cause whenever I see a match playing, all I does see is people and more people, colour and more colour, and hear vuvuzela and more vuvuzela. The only time I doan hear the sound o’ the vuvuzels is when the national anthems of the different countries being played. One thing I must admit though, the football fans from all over the world have converged on South Africa and from all the shots dat we continue tuh see both ’pon television and in the papers, duh look like duh having a time of their lives.Oh, and before I forget, I really have tuh give some credit tuh CBC and the other sponsors for bringing the games tuh us and also tuh Andy Thornhill and his knowledgable guests who continue tuh do a great job before and between each match on the programme South Africa Glory. It is good tuh hear some of the views from the studio as well as from the ones who call in from time tuh time.l Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans and has an opinion on everything.