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PUDDING & SOUSE: ‘Old hag’ still after young guys

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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THERE IS A woman who works at a gas station, but spends more time soliciting men than pumping gas.She looks like 55 but wants to dress like a teenager, wearing short, skimpy outfits and lots of make-up.Recently a woman found several text messages from her in her man’s phone, telling him that she could not wait to hold him in her arms again, and that she wanted to explode again.This woman can’t believe that her man would stoop so low to sleep with this other woman given her very bad reputation.But while she has kicked her man to the curb, she wants this old hag to know that she is not fit to carry the title god mother”, and that she should stop picking up young boys to give her sexual pleasure since she can never regain her youth.Storm signals in DEOA STORM IS brewing at a certain district emergency organisation and members are fearful that it may blow the roof off.Apparently this DEO has not functioned for years and certain key members decided that because it was the start of the dreaded hurricane season they should put an interim committee in place. But lo and behold, the absentee chairman turned up after the committee was assembled and declared that he was still large and in charge.The situation has left members upset and angry, and some have even vowed not to attempt to get the organisation functioning again if the chairman does not give up the post.Seems that there is an ill-wind blowing.Shake-up in departmentNOW THAT A new manager has taken over at a certain Government department, she has some supervisors running for cover.Even the most senior of the supervisors is now saying that she can’t take it anymore. She is telling everyone that she is only waiting until a big event is over and will call it a day. After that, she will spend time at her barbecue grill with her ex-husband and new found love.Hubby chastened by wifeA SUPPOSEDLY good Christian man was given a lesson in how to be faithful and honour his wedding vows by none other than his wife.Apparently the wife got to find out that hubby was cheating on her with a sister in another church who works with him.But instead of confronting her husband about this love affair, she turned up at a work organised event and started preaching to him in front of the embarrassed woman.She then proceeded to hit him about the head with her Bible before ordering him to get into the car.Seems that her tactics worked because he is no longer sneaking around with his lover.One man’s meat . . . WORKERS EMPLOYED in a certain kitchen want the Ministry of Health to understand that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.They want to know why is it that no jewellery should be worn in the kitchen where food is being prepared, but a certain worker can get away with having rings on her fingers, fancy long finger tips and a big gold earring on her tongue.Is she being allowed to get away with this because she and the supervisor are friends?Back-biter among usIT appears that a certain man who would not look out of place on the Asian continent does not mind putting the knife in the back of his benefactors.Word is that he went behind the back of a businessman of African origin who as a middle-man did trade with some individuals that provided profits for everyone involved.But in an act of treachery, he cut out the black businessman by coercing the individuals to deal directly with him.Talk about biting the hand that feeds!