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ALTAR CALL – Get busy doing God’s work

Cheryl Harewood

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IT WAS RAIN everywhere yesterday, but that did not stop the congregation, particularly the fathers of Revival Time Assembly at Maxwell Hill, Christ Church, from enjoying their Father’s Day service.The women of the church made the day an unforgettable one – right down to singing special musical selections and whipping up mouth-watering food just for the men.Some fathers were even honoured. They were George Sandiford, for being the church’s oldest dad; John Snagg, adjudged the most outstanding father, and the spiritual father of the church, Pastor John Forde.However, it was the spiritual food – the preached Word of Pastor Forde; and uplifting worship songs from a team of men, that made the day more significant.Individuals walked to the altar spontaneously, and others raised their hands in reverence, as selections such as We Place You On The Highest Place; You Are Alpha and Omega, and We Will Worship The Lamb of Glory were rendered. It was a perfect morning to jump and praise as the cool breezes from the inclement weather, had replaced the unusual heat of the day.Quoting from author, Andrew Murray, Forde stated: “Every year millions of persons pass into utter darkness without hope. Millions bear the Christian name but the great majority live in utter ignorance or indifference. As a result, millions perish because Christians are not fulfilling God’s purposes in their lives.If there is going to be a great divine revival, it will need wholeheartedness in prayer and in faith.”This quotation was the forerunner to Forde’s sermon, which dealt with faith, winning souls, and making one’s self available to God.Speaking on the subject Activating Your Faith, Forde based his dynamic message on Luke 5: 1-11.His text told the story of Peter who had fished all night, caught nothing, but at Jesus’ advice to launch out into the deep, netted a great draught of fish.The message was not so much about the fish and Peter’s act of faith, as it was about the fact that Peter and the disciples had left their boats idle, having not caught anything the previous night. They had stopped fishing and were busy washing their nets. That’s what Jesus found them doing when He came on the scene.According to Forde: “The Bible tells us that Jesus’ attention was drawn to two boats which were idle.“I believe He wondered why the boats were idle, when there was so many fish in the sea.“Likewise, I believe God looks down on us with this same concern,” Forde reasoned.“Why are millions of Christians idle when there is so much work to be done (in and for the Kingdom of God?)”“Your body is a vessel,” he explained, “so it ought not to be idle in the context of doing God’s work.”He said just as the disciples had stopped fishing, oft-times many people give up too quickly, without giving Jesus a chance.He added that Christians ought to make themselves available to God, and be busy doing Christian things.“I ponder some of the questions for which many may have to answer God when they meet Him face to face.“(One may be) ‘How come you lived so close to the church but were never able to make it to church on Tuesday and Wednesday nights?“Or, how come you were able to see the church from your window, but never got to go to church?’ ”