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Don’t make history trivial


Don’t make history trivial

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THIS CITIZEN would like to posit his perspective in response to the article Put An End To Rock Hall Hoax published in the DAILY NATION of June 8.

The author, in addition to the published article, took his advocacy to the radio programme asserting that while he was in Ireland he saw a unit constructed of similar shape as the one at Rock Hall, and concluded that what was seen there could not be considered a slave hut, but a construct of an indentured servant.

This unscientific assault on the discipline of history by the author might not challenge the mind of the professional historian, but is likely to be of some concern to those who are less guarded against these irritating incursions.

No prudent historian would consider the author’s cursory glance at a building empirical evidence enough to dismiss the findings of authentic research, and certainly no serious Government would be coerced by the militancy of such unsound rhetoric.

The Rock Hall Project was conceptualised by resourceful minds, including that of Professor Woodville Marshall.

This research has provided invaluable insight into the dynamics that gave rise to the transformation of political power to the first coloured man to enter Parliament, Samuel Jackman Prescod.

Why should any of our political parties relinquish their responsibility to preserve or feature this historical phenomenon simply because of such unsound tripe.

This project speaks volumes not only about the life of Mr Reginald Alleyne Elcock, the plantation owner at Mount Wilton Plantation, but about an early turning point in the post-Emancipation struggle that gradually expanded the franchise, giving the newly “ex-slaves” the right to participate in the electoral process.

We must continue to advance the discussion relevant to our social development, so that present and future generations may share the joy and knowledge of the worthy contributions of our people. Never trivialise these important milestones of achievement.