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DEAR CHRISTINE: Child full of hate for mum

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,I am writing this letter with a heavy heart. It has nothing to do with a lover’s noise. I think it is more serious. How can a child hate a mother so much as to walk about and say some of the worst things about her. The child still lives at her, along with her three children and their father. Christine, this is real. My aunt is always telling me about this young woman who comes at her and tells her all sorts of bad things about her mother. But I could not believe it, until I was at my aunt for a few days because my house was being painted. This girl’s mother built on a piece at the back of her house to make this girl, her children and their father happy. The mother said she knew what she had been through, so she was trying to stop it from happening to her daughter.Christine, not only is the daughter talking, but the granddaughter is putting in her piece too. That is what really got me mad. How can you hate your mother so after all she has done and is still doing for you? I told my aunt that she should let the girl know that she was ungrateful  and that she had three children and they, too, would treat her the same way she treated her mother. She said no.I now look at my aunt differently, and I’m ashamed of that young girl. The only hope I have is what you sow you would reap, and very soon. I would like some response on this, Christine. – CONCERNED MOTHERDear Concerned Mother,I am sorry that no one feels they can sit this woman down and have a heart to heart talk about how she is behaving towards her mother.This is just wrong. Ideally, we should all have utmost respect for our mothers, who brought us into this world. In many cases, mothers sacrifice for their children to make sure they have more than they did, and accomplish and succeed more in their lives than they were ever able to.Even when the child is an adult and has a family of their own, as is the case here, mothers still take care of, protect and provide for their offspring.It is unfortunate that this child feels she should “bad talk” her mother in every corner and to everyone who will listen, even when the mother is still trying her best to assist.I would suggest that someone the child respects and would listen to, sits her down and has a serious talk with her to help her recognise the importance of loving and respecting her mother. She needs to recognise the folly of her ways and start showing more respect to the one who gave her life. – CHRISTINE