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Clubs don’t want to ‘WIN’


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APPARENTLY the WIN in CONCACAF with CONCACAF initiative isn’t winning over everyone.Barbados Football Association (BFA) vice-president Sherlock Yarde believes the Premier League clubs are failing to take advantage of the WIN programme following last year’s unflattering turnout for the inaugural youth tournament.The high-ranking BFA officer expressed this sentiment yesterday at Banks Breweries in Wildey during a Press conference for the Banks/BFA Knockout Tournament ahead of the competition’s semi-finals last night.“I think the clubs in Barbados don’t seem like they want to benefit from it,” Yarde alluded to the WIN programme’s youth tournament.“We had a situation in the tournament’s first year where ten teams were eligible to play and only eight played.”A spin-off of FIFA’s successful WIN programme in Africa, the WIN in CONCACAF with CONCACAF initiative was implemented in the region and distributed some US$10 million in projects across 11 federations.Those projects include varying levels of coaching, refereeing and administrative courses, along with the implementation of an under-13 tournament, which is intended to see each Premier League club eventually set-up their own academies.But Yarde reasoned that only Notre Dame had gone on to implement some sort of structure to its youth arm since the tournament ended back in January, leaving him to wonder about the future of local football.“Paradise has always had a full youth academy but none of the other teams have done anything with their youth programme,” lamented Yarde.“I was very disappointed to see that we had eight teams and only one team benefited from the WIN in CONCACAF programme and that is Notre Dame.“This year it will be held in October and extended to the first division teams, and since last week I told them that but up to now they haven’t recruited any teams,” he addedYarde, however, was pleased with the participation at the basic coaching and administration courses held earlier in the year before saying that the advanced courses would get underway at the National Stadium in October.