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King Shaquille and Queen Zoe rule Lodge


King Shaquille and Queen Zoe rule Lodge

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ZOE TROTMAN AND SHAQUILLE LAYNE  turned the pages of history when they were crowned Miss and Mr Lodge School 2010, respectively, last Saturday night.These two students emerged out of a field of ten contestants who participated in the pageant that was held at St Gabriel’s Auditorium. All of the contestants engaged themselves in fierce competition as they followed the theme Royal Royale: Turning The Pages of History. The contestants represented heads of royal families from different countries across the world. It was evident that all competitors meant business when they brought the history and culture of their kings and queens to the stage on that night. However, Trotman, who represented Queen Cleopatra, and Layne, who portrayed King Ferdinand, convinced the judges, headed by Kingsley Thorne, that they deserved to take over the thrones at their school. Trotman’s gown truly told a story of “Her Highness”  and helped her to win the Best Formal Wear (female) title, which she shared with fellow contestant Mara Weekes. Miss Lodge 2010 also walked away with the Best Casual Wear (female) title.Meanwhile, Layne whose splendid outfits wowed the packed auditorium each time he presented his story on stage, took home the trophies for Best Formal Wear (male) and Best Casual Wear (Male). One of the highlights of the night came from “Queen Catherine” Cherie-Ann Wiggins. In the talent segment, Wiggins, who placed second in the female category, delivered a crowd-pleasing, memorable dramatic presentation of No Show, with which she won Best Talent (female) .In her presentation, Wiggins’ character buys shoes and clothes and awards herself a new hairstyle for a show which is scheduled to be held in her country, featuring artistes whose music is seen as inappropriate by the country’s leaders. On hearing the show has been called off, the character points out that the music of the banned artistes is being played on the country’s radio stations. The character’s statements did not necessarily garner agreement, but the audience often laughed at the humour in the presentation.Second place in the male category went to Mr Photogenic Chad Lowe (“Prince Charles”). They were followed by Mr Courteous Shai Edwards (“King Shaka Zulu”) and Miss Photogenic and Miss Congeniality Mara Weekes (“Queen Nefertiti”).