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My apologies for jumping the MCTV line


My apologies for jumping the MCTV line

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On Friday, June 11, I went to the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to reconnect my MCTV box which I had previously disconnected as it was not in use.

The room was, as usual, quite full and I could not wait at that time. On my leaving, a guard advised me to come back before 8 a.m. as they were not busy at that time.

On Monday morning, I was there shortly before 8 a.m. and was able to get my box. On returning home, I could not get the box to work.

I telephoned CBC many times that day without getting my call answered. On Tuesday morning, I eventually got through and was told CBC had given me the wrong box and I should bring it back and have it exchanged.

I immediately took it back, explained my problem to the girl at the front desk, and was told to join the line.

At that moment a guard (male) told me to take it to the place where they were dealing with the long line of people, since I considered that the problem was CBC’s and I had often seen people bypass the line to have their problem dealt with by someone in the back room.

I, of course, told the gentleman who was first in line why I was doing so. Obviously, I should have explained to the agent that I was not in the line, but had come directly to her as the problem was theirs and simply involved an exchange for the correct box.

But by then the transaction was almost finished. A gentleman then came and told me, in no uncertain terms, what he thought of me and CBC.

He was of course justified in doing so, as I had in fact jumped the line. I tried to explain why, but I was still wrong.

If I could go back and do it differently, I would, but I can’t. So to all those who were there and who were justifiably annoyed, I wish to apologise.