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Transfer system to come online soon

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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LIKE BANK CUSTOMERS, local football clubs will soon be doing their transfers online.The initiative comes on stream from September as Barbados seek to comply with a FIFA mandate which will bring about the end of the paper transfer system across the world.Senior assistant secretary of the Barbados Football Association, Charles Husbands, informed the local clubs of the shift towards the online system during a press conference for the Banks/BFA Knockout Tournament at the Banks Breweries yesterday.“In order to do transfers in the future they must be done online so all the transfers go to FIFA,” acknowledged Husbands. “All clubs will be getting a password so they can access the system [and] we will be doing some training in the first instance with the Premier League and the first division clubs to get them up to date so they can do the transfers.”According to Husbands, part of the reason FIFA implemented the system was to have a better handle over club compensation for young players who reap huge success after leaving for other clubs.“FIFA has been fighting with under age players where some of the big clubs in the world have been going into countries taking up youngsters and contracting them from an early age,” reasoned Husbands “If you prepare and train a youngster at six and seven years old and someone comes along and takes him at 18 and then he gets an international break, the club that he started with can seek compensation.”The BFA will be conducting a course to educate the Premier League and first division clubs on the new FIFA transfer system on September 1 and 2 at the Ministry of Education, before training the rest of the public at a later date.