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Li’l Rick is going to court

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Li’l Rick is going to court

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RICKEY “LI’L RICK” REID, through attorney-at-law Santia Bradshaw, will be bringing legal action against Starcom Network Inc. for alleged defamation of character.In a media release yesterday, Bradshaw said some of the statements published by Starcom via the Internet and in the local Press were “grossly defamatory” and “calculated to cause injury” to Reid’s reputation.Bradshaw demanded a public retraction of a published statement about Reid and an apology in terms to be approved by her. She also informed the broadcast entity of her intention to claim monetary compensation. The action stems from reports last week that Starcom had severed all ties with an unapologetic Reid after he played music that breached guidelines aimed at keeping the airwaves clean. Reid has been accused of playing a song containing explicit and offensive lyrics on June 19 during the Mackeson Triple Tunes live radio show.However, contrary to initial reports by Starcom Network that Reid had not apologised, Bradshaw stated that upon realising the error which had been made, Reid played the radio-friendly version of the recording. “He also immediately contacted Ronnie Clarke, programme manager of Starcom Network, and Ricky Nurse, CEO and divisional manager of Brydens Distribution, the sponsor of the Mackeson Triple Tunes show to which he is presently contracted, to inform them of what had transpired. “After concluding dialogue with both individuals, Reid apologised to his listeners on radio for his actions,” Bradshaw said. She said Starcom later admitted through Clarke during the Brass Tacks programme on June 25 that Reid had in fact apologised. She charged that Starcom had misled the public both in the electronic, radio and print media and caused the public to question Reid’s motives.She said Starcom had given the impression that Reid was employed by them at the time of the incident and was therefore fired during the course of his employment. But, she noted, Reid was not employed or subject to a contract of employment by Starcom Network at the time of the incident. “At the material time, he was under a contract for services with Brydens Distribution which commenced on May 2, 2009, to provide several services to the Mackeson brand, including the hosting of the Triples Tunes programme . . . ,” she said.Bradshaw explained that at no time during the course of Reid’s engagement with Brydens Distribution had he received any formal document or protocols of any nature relating to his on-air presence or relative to Starcom Network’s position as it related to the broadcast of the show.(PR/WG)