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24 interns join QEH staff

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24 interns join QEH staff

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With new and exciting areas of medicine developing rapidly, the 24 new interns who have joined the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) are being urged to consider which they would make careers of.The hospital’s director of human resources, Charmaine Napoleon-Ramsay, at an orientation ceremony yesterday advised the interns not to decide because they could be among the few qualified in an area, but because they could lend to the health care system of Barbados and the wider Caribbean. Napoleon-Ramsay underscored the importance of teamwork in the provision of excellent patient care.  “From July 1, you will be moving to a new environment. Remain human and humane. To be a proper caregiver you have to care.”Dr Clyde Cave, acting director of medical services, told the young doctors: “You are now professionals . . . you have chosen a profession where someone else comes first.” He also stressed the importance of continued education.There are 36 positions for interns at the hospital. (LK)