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Dumpers forced to clean up

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Dumpers forced to clean up

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TWO MEN who dumped loads of garbage at a secluded spot at Maxwell, Christ Church, were made to remove all of it by the Environmental Health Department.Alfred Howell of Lucas Street, St Philip, and Wesley Brathwaite of Welches, Christ Church, were spotted at different times last Friday dumping garbage in the wooded area. The licence plates of the trucks that they drove were given to the police and both men were tracked down over the weekend.They were each ordered to remove the piles of garbage, which in Howell’s case consisted of tree branches, leaves and twigs and in Brathwaite’s case several coconut shells and tree branches.The men made about three trips each, transporting the tonnes of garbage to the rightful location at Mangrove, St Thomas.Sean Brathwaite, an environmental officer attached to the Randall Phillips Polyclinic, who was responsible for overseeing the removal of the debris, expressed concern about persons dumping in the area.He said items as small as condoms and as big as refrigerators had been found dumped there. (MB)