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Embracing the region’s youth

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Under the theme Educating, Creating And Celebrating, the Barbados CARICOM Youth Committee yesterday unveiled plans to unite the region’s youth while ensuring that their dreams and aspirations were given every opportunity to develop.These ideals were given to the public and former Minister of Family and Youth, Dr Esther Byer-Suckoo, at the Youth Committee’s Press conference at the Ministry of Education and Youth Affairs, Elsie Payne Complex.The committee pledged that every attempt would be made to embrace all youngsters irrespective of their educational or social positions, so that they may understand how CARICOM could help them to achieve their dreams.  CARICOM Youth Ambassador Christa Soleyn introduced the other members of the committee, who in turn briefly outlined their responsibilities.The other members are president of the Barbados Youth Development Council, Jason Francis; Caricom Youth Ambassador Jamonn Roberts; Petra Ramsay and Deswyn Haynes, who are involved in various youth organisations throughout Barbados.  It was explained that Barbados’ youth were not familiar with Caricom or CSME (CARICOM Single Market and Economy), which they viewed with a degree of suspicion since it was perceived by many as being likely to allow other Caribbean citizens to take away jobs from Barbadians.  The committee said that in following the model set out by Suriname, it would focus particularly on educating and energising the youth of the country while forging stronger links with their Caribbean relatives.Byer-Suckoo gave her full support to the group while indicating that they had an advantage over their senior Caricom leaders as they were not bound by the slow pace at which Governments had to operate.“Your use of technology such as Skype and the Internet will also allow you to transfer information at a faster pace where secrecy laws might restrict governments,”  Byer-Suckoo told the committee.The committee also outlined activities starting on Sunday with a dedication service at the People’s Cathedral,  followed by participation in the National Youth Forum launch at the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, and other events in October. (KB)