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Gayle has bone to pick


Gayle has bone to pick

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ANOTHER SQUABBLE SEEMS to be brewing in West Indies cricket, with captain Chris Gayle complaining about a lack of support.Gayle stunningly revealed yesterday that he is not getting the endorsement of an individual, whom he preferred not to identify without first addressing the matter.“It’s tough as captain, to be honest with you. Sometimes when you actually think you’re getting the support of a particular person . . . but there comes a time when you’re not actually going to get that kind of support,” he said.He was speaking shortly after the West Indies crashed to a 2-0 series defeat to South Africa in the three-match Digicel home series.“It’s something I’ve got to deal with and clear the air, and I’ll take it from there . . . “I’ve been hearing a lot of things and it’s not good to actually make speculation until you address the matter  . . . But I’m going to deal with it and then, maybe, you can actually come and I will give you all the explanation you need,” Gayle told NATIONSPORT.When asked exactly what it was, Gayle replied: “It’s a lot of things. Like, I said, I’m willing to give you all the information, once I address the situation.”But the 30-year-old Gayle, who has scored 12 centuries in 88 Tests at an average of 40.31 and another 19 in 220 One-Day Internationals, where his batting average is 39.42, said he was not planning on resigning as captain.“Definitely, I want to go along [continue]. Before the series, I was brought into a meeting and had discussion about my future and give them my assurance that I want to continue,” he said.The left-handed Jamaican opener also pointed out that his Test cricket batting statistics have shown that he performs better as captain.“Since I’ve been captain – I didn’t even notice it but at the same time – my average in Test cricket as captain has been over 50, which is a tremendous achievement, and you try to continue,” he said.“It [captaincy] has maybe changed me as a person in life as well. You can actually develop and become more mature. “It is a responsible job and like I said, I’m willing to move forward and try to get better results for West Indies cricket.”