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Be careful with your luggage


Be careful with your luggage

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SINCE 9/11 many of us have experienced  inconvenience in travelling at airports, because of hightened security.

Then came the “underwear bomber” and security got much tighter.

In the past years I have been travelling much more as it relates to my work and going through the United States or the Caribbean you take many items or products that are part of your work.

Having encountered an inconvenience, I find it very necessary to share with you an experience I had.

After arriving with my colleagues on a business trip from Barbados to Miami, we went to collect our rental car.

We placed our luggage in the boot of the car, but before we left the rental parking area we realised that a critical piece of equipment was missing.

We are quite certain that someone had entered our luggage because the zipper was down and a slip from the airline was in the bag.

This all would have happened between Grantley Adams International Airport and Miami International.

Of course, we called to report it, but because we had to drive some miles away to our next destination, we could not spend the time to make a longer check.

We had to purchase another piece of equipment.

This looks very bad on our airport and the airlines on which we were travelling I am not sure what further action I can take, but I write this letter to alert any person travelling, please do not place valuable items in your luggage because you cannot be sure that you will receive them when you reach your destinations.

I do hope that the airlines can do something about it, so that when we travel, our items are safe.

They tell us that we should not lock the luggage but yet our items go missing at the end of our trips.