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Garbage-sorting pilot for St Philip


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A PILOT PROJECT to push Barbadians into the green-conscious age of sorting garbage before disposal will be started in Marchfield, St Philip, within a few months.Minister of the Environment, Water Resources and Drainage Dr Denis Lowe said yesterday that his ministry was awaiting a special truck that would be painted green and branded for the start of the garbage collection exercise that would ensure that locals followed countries like Canada and the United Kingdom in disposing of cans, paper, plastic, organic and other waste separately.“It starts there. It is a new community and it’s a contained community.“So, what we decided is, here we have a community of 18 homes [and] we figure that if we can go into that community and start this programme and run it for six to eight months to see its success. that would give us the information we need to expand the programme so we move from there and then we start moving it to other communities,” he told the DAILY NATION after speaking at the monthly meeting of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry at Hilton Barbados.Having spoken on the topic, The Role of the Private Sector in the Green Economy, Lowe stressed that the Marchfield project would be “a pilot study and a showpiece in terms of what can be done” to convert such waste into energy.“We are waiting on a truck, and I hope that some people in the private sector come on board. And I’m hoping that within the next three to four months that we be up and running. We are going to have to use one as our trucks and we are going to have to brand it. We’ll use the sanitation service authority staff,” Lowe added.