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Digicel on board for Crop-Over

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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DIGICEL IS AGAIN BACKING Crop-Over by being the main sponsor of a number of events.In a Press conference yesterday at Bagatelle Great House, Digicel’s head of sales and marketing Alex Tasker said that the “bigger, better, network” was pleased to be again involved in the festival.“This year will be no different. Since our launch we have made a promise to play an important part in the development of Barbados’ culture.” In his speech which was carried live on STARCOM Network, Tasker said it was important during the harsh economic times to “keep the flame going.” Tasker would not state how much money Digicel was putting into the festival, but said it was a huge amount.The popular 10 To 10 event and Cohobblopot are among the events receiving Digicel’s sponsorship.Tasker also said they would again be sponsoring the Big Show calypso tent, for the first time the Celebration Time tent, Passion Network, Brewster’s Road and their 24-hour-fete and Power X Four, and   the Radical and Ravers kadooment bands.