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Something old, Something new.


Something old, Something new.

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Patrons at The Plantation Garden Theatre for last Saturday night’s launch of The Evolution Show were treated to a first-class party during the venue’s usual month-end Boogie Night event. It is the newest Crop-Over musical synergy to emerge for the season. This new entity sees a temporary marriage between Pyramid Entertainment Inc.’s clients, popular artistes for the season, Li’l Rick, Biggie Irie, Mr Dale and Peter Ram and local club and special events band Masala, featuring Philip 7. Boogie Night is a favourite event for patrons who have a penchant for back-in-time music and therefore it was the perfect environment to test The Evolution Show.  The artistes performed their current as well as their many classic signature songs and kept the massive crowd, made up primarily of mature patrons, moving till the last note was played. If the applause, laughter and roars of approval are anything to go by, the group passed with top marks.Managing director of Pyramid, Santia Bradshaw, explained the initiative was designed to promote and market the cast at home and farther afield.“For several years, Crop-Over events have focused on the release of new material by artistes, with few opportunities for the performance of their old repertoire . . . Several of our artistes have won major titles locally, nationally, regionally and internationally and are recognised as the island’s cultural ambassadors, so we’ve decided to create a show that pays tribute to their musical evolution,” she said. (MS)