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PUDDING & SOUSE: It’s all about who you know

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THE ATTITUDE of a certain woman, who is supposed to be facilitating employment for the Government service, has left a bitter taste in the mouths of the many unfortunate souls who have to interact with her.Apparently when positions become vacant, she makes sure that all of her friends get in before anyone else; whether they are qualified or not for the position and even though many of them are not desperate for jobs.This woman is not even in charge of the department, but has more say than the poor boss and even overrides decisions made by her superiors.Recently she had the department in an uproar when she single-handedly reversed a decision to have a woman posted in a department in favour of one of her “special friends”.Many are wondering if her family ties are responsible for the clout she wields, or if her colleagues are so afraid of her that they let her do as she likes.
A picture’s worth
A WELL-KNOWN WOMANISER from a St Michael district may be finally getting the message about his new lover.Apparently, he recently hooked up with a well-known woman who works in a very public place, and even ignored the warnings from his friends who told him that the woman liked more woman than he did.But a certain picture which made headlines probably caused him to take a long, hard look at his new love. In that picture she certainly looked very mannish.Just goes to show that a picture doesn’t lie!
See no evil, speak no evil
A RESTAURANT employee was recently fired because she forgot the motto: ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.’Apparently she spotted the sugar daddy, who owns the restaurant, and his sidekick near a popular place.He was stark naked with a man bending over in front of him, while the sidekick was all over a dark-skinned girl.Instead of keeping her big mouth shut, the employee went to work the next day and told everybody what she had seen. And because of that she was given her walking papers there and then.True, true, true!
Enough is enough
FIRST IT WAS the teachers, now a group of parents whose children attend a certain secondary school are planning to descend on the school with placards in hand come September.Apparently the parents are hopping mad because their children have not done any SBAs (school-based assessments) in a particular subject for two terms, and they have not had a teacher for one full term either.Now the parents have received correspondence from the principal asking them to send their children to the University of the West Indies on Saturdays to meet with a teacher who resigned from the school to teach them the course.They want to know who is running the school? The principal or the Ministry of Education? They also want to know where the PTA is in all of this.The frustrated parents say they are no longer sitting by and watching their children suffer because the teachers and the principal don’t get along.
Signs and wonders
A VERY POPULAR politician recently rented a luxury pad for a young beauty who loves to talk out all of her business.With no real job, she is always seen shopping at expensive stores and dressing in the latest brand-name gear.She tells everyone that her politician lover wants a young ting so he will have to pay out of his pocket.One of his luxurious gifts to her was a week of pampering for two at a popular establishment.But what he does not know is that he is not her only sugar daddy, since she tells everyone that he is too old and she has her life to live.It seems that he is also playing the field since he was spotted taking a trip with another young ting.Since the politician and his beauty have the same first name and birth signs, people are waiting to see who will sting who first.