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Cops working on Tivoli trust

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KINGSTON – Residents of Tivoli Gardens said they were hesitant to trust the police, voicing their concerns about community-police relations as security personnel in the recently ravaged community try to mend their relationship with the residents.“The people have been very cooperative,” said Superintendent James Forbes of the Community Safety Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.“From time to time you have those who aren’t, but people are accepting us.”Forbes said a mobile police station, in addition to the police post, had been established.Cops who are trained in mediation, community policing and conflict situations have also taken up posts in Tivoli Gardens.Mary said she wanted the police gone from Tivoli.“I want them to come out. You get me?” she said.“Although,” she added, “The last set ah police that come in deal with people good.”Susan, mother of an eight-year-old “A” student, said that despite the police presence, she felt unhappy.“I would ask [the police] to treat us like human beings. We were well respected before the police came,” she said.Susan, like many residents, pledges allegiance to deposed community leader Christopher “Dudus” Coke, who has been extradited to the United States to face drug and gun-trafficking charges. Residents gathered across the street from Tivoli Gardens  Community Centre, saying that before the police arrived they were happy.“When my daughter see the police, she run or stand up and freeze,” Susan said.