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Tomorrow’s Children shine

Tyrone Evelyn

Tomorrow’s Children shine

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AIRZONE should have vacuumed their way to the Party Monarch finals after an impressive performance when the Tomorrow’s Children tent went before the judges at The Village Gate on Friday night.Performing at No. 11, Airzone had a good presentation, introducing their Vacuum song, as either shredded paper or confetti was thrown on the stage during a “quarrel” between their “assistants” on stage.The perfomance earned an encore, one of only two on the night, and during the encore set four “vacuumers” came on stage to add reality to the song’s title.Another performer to impress on the night was Fearless, and as his name suggests he was fearless in his “wuk-upmentisms”.Fearless, a carbon-copy of Li’l Rick as far as “wuk-upmentisms” go, performed We Nah Sleep, a song in which he promised to “wreck dah bumper” and “scrawl up dah bumper”.The night’s MC was the well-known Daddy Plume, who did a good job in keeping the action flowing.Neesha was the first performer of the night and she performed If You Tackle Me. She had two dancing girls with her on stage as she warned: “if you tackle me is trouble, can’t you see I young and able”.Boatman continued the party mood with De Road, and he sang “all the people inside the road, got the place block and out of controaaaaaaaaaaal”.The band that accompanied the singers was tight, and although the majority of the night’s calypsos could not be described as being out of the top drawer, the musical accompaniment was fantastic and this more than made up for what could have been considered a relatively ordinary output from the stage.Big Lyan succeeded Unity B 41 with the offering: We Aint Going. This was musically sweet and Big Lyan used the stage well. However, this concept was not particularly original as it was too close to Biggie Irie’s  Nah Going Home.Soca Fire came next, performed by Janelle, who also had two dancing girls in her presentation.This was one of the liveliest performances of the night, with Janelle wining in Alison Hinds’ fashion as she sang she was not going home “till J’Ouvert morning”.Two women performing under the name Sister Sister were next on stage and they wined to Wakukapup. This was also a well-received performance as they jammed “this year we coming with a brand new wine, and we make it with you in mind”.Dun It was performed by Fantom Dun Deal, and this was emphasised by his jumping around the stage and singing from start to finish without any breaks. This was an appropiate title and some felt he should have “dun it” earlier than he did.The same could have been said of Ryan Hinds when he performed Missing. Hinds pranced up and down the stage singing about “all young girls missing” from start to finish without any breaks in the song.The night’s final two performers were Kevin X with In Here, and Soca Mania 3000 with Release Level 2010. In both instances it was difficult to make out what they were singing, but Soca Mania 3 000’s effort was more bearable in that he had four nicely shaped dancing girls who at least enhanced his effort.