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‘Be respectful’ Brownies told

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‘Be respectful’ Brownies told

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Brownies of the 19 and 21 packs have been reminded that they should be respectful throughout their lives.Bishop Winston Clarke, addressing the group last Saturday at the St Paul’s Primary School, told the bright eyed group that respect was something earned. However, he hammered home the point that they must first respect themselves.Clarke told the young girls that experiences shared did not have to end there. “You can now become a girl guide, and maybe even go further into rangers, but whichever you choose, you can continue and become youth leaders. But if you choose to stop, you now have skills to teach you to be better students or parents,” he noted.The Bishop also urged them to remember God and put him in everything they did. He reminded them that God was the one person that could assist them in confronting some of the challenges they might face later in life.Clarke also told them that good discipline was always necessary in life.“Remember the efforts you have taken to make you become a more rounded person. Your badges show that you were disciplined enough to get the task done. “Take that discipline with you into the communities and work hard, because nothing comes without hard work” he added.Eight brownies passed out in the parade and twenty three others received sashes and badges.The biggest prizes went to Toria Small, who received the Lady Gollop award and the Barbados Brownie for 2010 award, Shonte Moore who received the Most Outstanding Brownie award for St Mark’s School; and Chenesia Brathwaite who received the Top Brownie for St Paul’s award. (CT)