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Networking at Accra Beach Hotel


Networking at Accra Beach Hotel

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ACCRA BEACH HOTEL AND SPA dubbed its annual corporate cocktail party Networking with A Purpose and a large gathering of the hotel’s customers took advantage of the opportunity to do just that.As they circulated at the Rockley, Christ Church hotel last Wednesday evening, businesspeople who used the hotel’s facilities took the opportunity to learn about Accra Beach’s new offerings while sharing downtime with each other.Sales manager Debbie Bartlett shared information about the Bookings Reward programme, the three-year-old Chakra Spa, the remodelled  Sand Bar Lounge and the new video-conferencing facilities. General manager Jon Martineau appealed to corporate clients for feedback. “We constantly want to get your feedback. We want to know what it is that we have to do to continue making our product and our service something that you keep coming back for over and over again”.Martineau encouraged optimism among the businesspeople present, in spite of an adverse economic climate. (GC)