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Preacher supports Starcom stance on Li’l Rick issue

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BAPTIST PREACHER Vincent Wood has praised Starcom Network for pulling popular DJ Li’l Rick from its airwaves over an alleged breach of guidelines that allowed dirty lyrics to be broadcast.“I commend Starcom, they were right,” said Reverend Wood, Pastor of the Emmanuel Baptist Church yesterday. The vice president (Caribbean) of the Baptist World Alliance was speaking during yesterday’s service at the church in a sermon entitled Think On These Things.Wood was commenting on the radio station’s decision to remove Ricky L’il Rick Reid on June 24 after an alleged breach of the guidelines aimed at keeping the airwaves clean. The guidelines do not allow the airing of recordings that in the network’s opinion “contain sexual crudity, social degradation or exhibit unmistakably poor taste”.Wood also called on other religious ministers to speak out against dirty lyrics on the whole, especially as the Crop-Over season moves into full swing.“I support Starcom wholeheartedly in the stance they took against the lyrics. Not some, but all ministers need to speak out against such, particularly around this time when calypsos are being played,”  he said.Wood said that if preachers would rise up and tell people that they were wrong there would be change.“But to my mind preachers are afraid to preach the truth,” he said.Wood said people had a choice between good and bad.He warned that those who chose the life of bad and continued with their wretched lives should not believe they would end up in heaven.