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DEAR CHRISTINE: No support from children’s dad


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Dear Christine, I hope this letter finds you in the best of health. Christine, I received assistance from you before – some years ago. I am a single mother with four children going to school. Three at primary school and one at secondary school. Right now, I am working three days a week and I am fighting to get support from the children’s father (he is the father of all four). I applied to the Welfare to see if I could get some assistance, but they said they cannot help because the children’s father is working. Because of that the children are suffering. They need books for school and cannot do work because they don’t have any. The three in primary school received bad reports but the one in secondary school did well but could have done better. He received his school supplies last term. Christine, I am here asking if you can help me in getting some things for the children, so that they can go back to school at the start of the school term. Christine, sometimes it is very hard, even in finding things for them to eat. Many days they go to sleep hungry. But I try my best. When I try calling their father he refuses to answer his phone. Christine, the way I feel sometimes, I want to do him something bad, because it hurt me. I didn’t get them by myself and he does not care once he get to buy his drinks.I was living at him and we had to leave because he was coming in drunk and cursing in front of the children. It was beginning to bother them at school. Thanks in advance, Christine. I would greatly appreciate your help. – MOTHER IN NEEDDear Mother In Need,I will do my best to try to help you. In publicising your plight, many readers would become aware of your situation and should readily respond to your appeal.I will contact you as soon as I receive any responses.Meanwhile, contact the Child Care Board and tell them of your situation so they can assist you in getting the children’s father to step up to his responsibility.He may also need help to get over his problem with alcohol.– CHRISTINE

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