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Let’s keep coastline views


Let’s keep coastline views

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MICHELLE CAVE’S article in Monday’s DAILY NATION, headlined Windows To The Sea makes very interesting reading.

She once again highlights the construction on the seaside along Enterprise Coast Road and the anger she felt while driving by.

She is not alone, for her feelings are the same of all those that pass this once beautiful window to the sea. Her comment that a fence higher than the width of the land encloses it says it all.

True, the Chief Town Planner recently stated that the application for this construction was above board.

Maybe he should visit the site with a tape measure and check to see if the requirements have indeed been met.

As a Barbadian, having lived in the area all my life with the freedom to… take in the beautiful scenery, this seaside development has left me and others, angry and extremely concerned about what’s happening to our island’s coastline.

Our decision-makers must listen and take action to protect the island’s coastline for the benefit of all Barbadians and visitors for generations to come.