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Starcom moderators need a changing round


Starcom moderators need a changing round

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THERE IS CLEARLY a need for an overhaul at Starcom, especially VOB. Somethings seem not to be balancing.

The moderators on the call-in programme need to be changed so as to give a varied perspective on national issues.

We can’t continue to have Tony Marshall’s view only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. One day a week is enough.

The repeat is an insult to the listeners, especially last Friday’s hosted by Stetson Babb – not the best of moderators.

Why does Babb, unlike the other moderators, continue to read the names of those who send in emails but yet does not ask callers to identify themselves?

Why is Dennis Johnson, non-Bajan-born, head of Starcom Bajan culture? His hosting of Fireworks is simply a talk show for him, usually repeating the things he said years ago.

At certain times I thought I was listening to a recording.

This year’s programme was the worst I have heard. As usual, Johnson was an expert on every subject and little of the artistes’ music was played and when you got a little piece, he cut it to “talk”.

Why was a woman asked to host the Sunday Brass Tacks on Father’s Day? Why is In Profile only finding tried and tested popular Barbadians’ to be interviewed who can’t bring anything new?

Why don’t they do like B.C. Pires in the Monday NATION and find an ordinary, unpopular, but productive Bajan?

No wonder the programme is not as popular as advertised. Will we in the not-too-distant future hear all non-Bajan voices on the Voice Of Barbados?