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Comic ‘chrissening’ at Celebration

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Comic ‘chrissening’ at Celebration

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A CHRISSENING  might have been exactly what the doctor ordered for the Celebration Time calypso tent at its opening last Tuesday night at the Plantation Garden Theatre.With so many headliners who once made bacchanal in the midst  there was bound to be some confusion in the height of the celebration. Members of the tent, which boasts of having the best social commentary, party music and comedy, unwittingly provided quite a bit of the last through the number of blunders made when they were referring to the tent.Still with comedy, Ishiaka McNeil was the main act of the night as she showed off his versatility as emcee, singer and comic. He rocked the place with his on-point impersonations of Trevor Dynomite Eastmond, Mac Fingall and radio personality Dave Smooth. Rachel Rice also made an appearance.Ishiaka was ably assisted by the grandfather-like character Wrinkles, who brought out the Bajan in people when they attempted to sing his Not For A Sole. In the area of social commentary, Ishiaka made one presentation with I Got An Issue With That, which looked at calypsonians who say they done, the alleged incident with Members of Parliament Dr David Estwick and Dale Marshall and several other topical issues.Seven-time semi-finalists Long Fellow contributed It Has Come To Pass and All Ah We Is B.Cyclone sang Punctuality and Don’t Say That, while former Junior Calypso Monarch Babydoll is making a Pic-O-De-Crop bid with Aborted Abortion and Aduwayo. Reigning 13-to-18 Junior Monarch AC provided some food for thought with Poverty Is Just A State of Mind.While it is debatable whether Celebration Time has the best party, there is no disputing that there is a lot of it.Leading the charge was Li’l Rick, whose Guh Down continues to mash up the fetes. The song provided the rhythm for two audience competitions for prizes, which was good entertainment for the near capacity crowd.He also satisfied fans with What A Feeling and Getting Fat. Li’l Rick was also on hand when his offspring the Hypa Kids presented Happy Feet, penguins and all.Also getting a big response was soca general Edwin, who sang We Ain’t Had Enough and the popular Chrissening.Khiomal was also in there with Wine On You and Don’t Tell Me Nuttin. Keann was very provocative and brought members of the audience into her act for No Satisfaction.Newcomer Queen T and her dancers called attention to themselves with Wiggle & Dip, which has grown in popularity ever since she made an appearance at the Cavalcades. Ramases, Rusty Pin and Mr Impact also contributed to the party segment. (YB)